How to Get Started Using our service
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Team Rainproxy

Jan 17, 2021 · 5 min read

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"Getting Started with Rainproxy is so easy and simple. Just follow the steps mentioned below to get started in no time. We have carefully covered all the steps to get you speeding with our service."

Once you're on a our website, login to your account or make one if you are not yet registered. Purchase a plan from our purchase plan options and pay with your preferred payment method. Once your payment is complete wait for 10 mins to get the plan activated on your account. Once activated click on generate proxy and choose your profile/location and your proxy type. Click on generate and Voila, its that easy. Still don't understand, watch the video linked below, we explain every part in detail.

I've used alot of proxies services in the past, but the user experience has been the best with rainproxy, It literally took me to 2 seconds to get started with their service, trust me its that quick.

Eric Stevens - Customer

If you still have any issues after watching the video, you can always contact our chat support, we will help you out in every possible way. Your satisfaction is our priority. Be sure to bookmark us if you want regular updates on our service.

We will share all our future updates on our blogs as well as on our social media platform. So be sure to stay up to date, so that you can get updates on giveways and our upgrades. We hope to see you in the next blog.

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Team Rainproxy

Rainproxy provides the fastest and most reliable proxies on the web at the most affordable rates. Providing you with the proxy of your choice be that residential proxy, rotating proxy or backconnect proxy.With our latest updates you can create sub users and add new users to your existing proxy plan.

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