Shared Or Exclusive Proxy IPs, Which Should I Use?

Feb 24, 2023

Shared Or Exclusive Proxy IPs, Which Should I Use?

Selecting a product for your business differs from selecting a product for your house. Making the wrong option for your company might reduce its competitiveness and productivity. You must choose proxy servers, or shared proxies, carefully because that is the case.

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers, often known as proxies, function as gateways to the internet. They only allow the user to connect to any other web server after filtering the connection into an intermediary device. There are several uses for this extra step, but it primarily serves two purposes to maximize the advantages of proxies.

Your IP address can be hidden to maintain your anonymity. Websites need help to monitor your behavior as a result. This entails that you browse the web anonymously for businesses. You can also perform various other crucial duties, including ad verification, site scraping, etc.

Although there are several varieties of proxies, they can be essentially categorized into two groups: shared and private. Although shared proxies are often far less expensive than private proxies, they can have some drawbacks. Private proxies cost extra but provide greater privacy and security. It's crucial to distinguish between these proxy and IP types before moving on: to a data center, residential, ISP, and mobile IPs.

Difference between Private and Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are open proxies that are accessible to everyone. This implies that other users and you will share the same proxy IPs. This implies that by the time you attempt to use the proxies, the target websites may already be aware of them and place limits on their use, such as:

Rate limit limitations - Restricting the number of queries a specific IP can make to the website in a specific period of time. This could significantly impede the collection of online data.

CAPTCHAS - Showing a CAPTCHA task that must be completed by a person, which once more slows down your actions. 

GEO locations blocks - Blocking access to IPs coming from particular places.

IP filter - Completely preventing website data access via the shared IP.

Inaccurate data

Providing false information in response to requests from suspect IP addresses is a more stringent restriction that may adversely affect modules that optimize prices, among other things.

Private proxies use IP addresses belonging to a single person or business. This indicates that you can use your proxy for whatever purpose you choose without sharing it with anyone else. Private proxies and dedicated proxies refer to the same solution.

Dedicated proxies are the more sensible choice for companies and enterprises with a more extensive project budget. They are attempting to gather large amounts of data from target websites with sophisticated designs, anti-bot, and browser-tracking technologies. Their advantages consist of the following:

  • Data gathering history is clear and free of any previous questionable behavior.
  • A substantially greater success rate for data collecting
  • Quick data collection speeds, as organizations using the proxy, are not opposing the bandwidth of the router with other internet users such as those using a shared proxy network.

By using unlimited concurrent data-collecting sessions from numerous websites and rotating your IP address as often as needed, this kind of proxies can entirely assist you in avoiding being blocked or blacklisted.

What Are Exclusive Domains Or IP Addresses?

You have the option to purchase dedicated proxies (also known as private proxies) with either unlimited or restricted domains. With unlimited domains, you will be the only person using this ip anyplace on the internet. In contrast, with exclusive domains, other customers will use this IP as well, but you will be the only person using them on the particular websites you've chosen. Companies using private proxies solely for particular websites might cut costs with this capability.

Dedicated proxies are relatively quick

Most people are seeking speed when using proxies.

Since you don't have to share the speed with anybody else and may use the entire bandwidth to one, dedicated or exclusive proxies are typically quite fast.

You have complete control over the use of proxies

You have complete control over how your proxies are utilized because dedicated proxies are only provided to you, and no one else has access to them.

This reduces the likelihood that a complete IP address will be blacklisted because a user who uses the same proxy is engaging in illicit activity.

Exclusive proxies are very reliable and safe

Since they are fact, private and secure, dedicated proxies are sometimes known as private proxies.

Your personal information won't be compromised if you get dedicated proxies from a reputable proxy provider.

Also, there is almost little danger of bandwidth overload because specialized proxies are only provided to one user.

How to Select the Correct Proxy Type?

Which proxy is the best for you, then? Depending on your needs, yes! It is likely that shared proxies would be adequate for the purpose if you are only targeting simple websites. Want to control accounts or gather information from popular social networking and shopping websites? Although private proxies are the solution, testing shared proxies until problems arise is beneficial.

Whatever proxy type you select, be sure it comes from a reputable source. Proxy servers are a crucial component of online privacy and data collecting, so it's critical to pick an exclusive proxy server such as Rainproxy that will protect your privacy and enable you to get 100% correct data.

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