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IP addresses are leased or purchased directly from ISPs for a home proxy network. The Rain Proxy network's IP addresses are spread over 120 countries. 

Due to the pool of IP addresses, the main benefit of residential proxies is maintaining total privacy. 

Residential proxies are frequently employed for social networking, competitive surveillance, data gathering, and other purposes. 

While preserving anonymity, cyclical IP address changes stop blocking and protracted captchas. Residential proxies with rotation are proxy servers that frequently and according to predetermined criteria change their IP addresses—collecting these addresses from a group of individuals.  

Residential proxies are frequently used for social networking, spying on competitors in business, gathering data, and other things.

A Residential proxy filters your Internet traffic. The proxy receives your request when you send one to a website, changes your IP address and location to the new one, and then sends the updated proposal to the addressee. This protects your privacy while guaranteeing that the website you request is seen as a typical user.

Determine the use of the proxy before you purchase dynamic residential proxies. For instance, residential proxies are ideal for analyzing competitors, setting up advertisements, and processing massive amounts of data. Mobile residential proxies are most effective when used in social networks and use IP addresses provided by mobile operators.  

The size of the business frequently has an impact on the package selection. Determining the required number of ports and traffic volume is also essential. Our experts are always available to assist you in making the best tariff plan decision.

Residential proxy use is entirely legal. You should be aware that not all websites contain legal information; in these situations, using a proxy may be prohibited. We suggest you speak with a specialist if you have any concerns.