What is a Rotating Proxy?

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Team Rainproxy

Jan 17, 2021 · 5 min read

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"Basically a rotating proxy means that for every online session you will be assigned with a different IP. Rainproxy offers high speed rotating proxies at affordable prices. Now, let us get into more details on what rotating proxies are, how do they work, and why would you need rotating proxies."


What are rotating proxies?

Rotating proxies as the word itself indicates are IP addresses which will be rotating based on sessions that have certain numbers of requests, time frame and status codes. Imagine a proxy pool full of IP's, so for every connection that you make you will be assigned with a new IP address which will be taken from the pool of proxies or in technical terms from the proxy server.
The good thing about rotating IP's is that for every new request that you make you will be assigned with a real device residential IP which belongs to different locations. This means that every request that you make won't be marked as suspicious by websites, and you will avoid getting blocked or banned.

Why would you need rotating proxies?

The main and foremost reason why you would use a rotating proxy as a service is to protect your privacy when you surf the online world wide web, but where they really flourish is how easy they make the web scraping process. Other uses of rotating proxies IPs are when extracting data from the web such as:

  • verification of ads for marketers who launch ad campaigns to see how their advertisements appear on different parts of the world,

  • testing the performance of your website,

  • collection of prices for business owners to compare them with their own and stay updated in the market they're in,

  • management of various social media accounts.

Why should you choose Rainproxy's rotating proxies?

Rainproxy offers fast and reliable residential rotating proxies at affordable pricing based on bandwidth and GB. Offering IPs from different locations of the world will enable you anonymous web surfing and bypass any geo-location restrictions that you might have in your country. We also have a step by step video guide to show you how to sign in to your account after subscribing to one of our paid plans, and get your rotating IPs running in a matter of minutes. We also have our support team which you can contact at any time. They are dedicated to help you if you are struggling with your account or proxy network.

Rainproxy's easy integration of rotating proxies?

Our rotating IPs are fully automated providing you fast proxy service so you can take care of your business without having to worry about features such as speed or stability. Our rotating proxies are your solution for all of your automation tools for your marketing efforts. Our proxies cover a large list of countries and the price of our products vary based on gigabytes, so you will have different options when choosing your preferred rotating proxy plan. Elevate your business starting today, sign up to get access to our high quality fast blazing rotating proxies.

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Team Rainproxy

Rainproxy provides the fastest and most reliable proxies on the web at the most affordable rates. Providing you with the proxy of your choice be that residential proxy, rotating proxy or backconnect proxy.With our latest updates you can create sub users and add new users to your existing proxy plan.

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